There are two options to browse through our catalog:

1) You may browse manually through the various categories by clicking on them. Some categories have subcategories others don't. Categorization is a difficult task and most of Tibetan publications would rather fit into two or three than into one narrowly defined category. However, in order to make it a little bit more easy to identify the nature and content of any given publication we decided to give rather broad categories.

2) When browsing through the categories you can choose a sort order from the drop down menu. So far you can only sort by prize, date added or alphabetically (English). We hope to be able to provide a more sophisticated and tailormade search tool.

3) In case you know exactly what you are searching for (author, title, ISBN or other numbers, a keyword) you can use the instant search field in the upper right corner of the page. The search term should be in Wylie (or Pinyin) and should be part of the meta data of a publication (author, ISBN, title, series title, etc.). The search will instantly put out a list of corresponding publications, which you can narrow down by adding terms in the search field.

In any case you are advised to cross check different searches in order to make sure you find the publication you are looking for.