Publications and products feature a very brief description usually derived from the publication. The main focus is the title and we always give the extended title rather than the short title found on the cover page. Additinal information as to the nature of the book is given through the series title.

Unfortunately Tibetan writers tend to use many different names and titles. In general we give the full name of an author including titles and other prefixes as indicated in the publication.

Publisher, place of publication, and year are given when available and explicit mention is made where this information is missing.

For multi-volume publications we try to add the titles of single vols or even sections in the notes field of the description. Other additional information e.g. regarding the condition of the publication, may be found in the notes field as well.

We also added many table of contents as an image to the publication.

For journal articles we give the section of the journal as some sort of keyword. We expect to offer more than 12.000 journal articles in the future.